Tae Afrika

Alba Pinafore Dress

$ 147.00 USD

Also wear with a tube or shirt.

  • Long straps that can be tied in a variety of ways.
  • Back zip closure.
  • Skirt length 45.5"
  • 100% cotton wax print
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in Nigeria

Designer Heritage Story

Taé comes from the Yoruba word ‘Taiwo’ – ‘Taster of Life’ – the name given to the older of a set of twins by the people of South Western Nigeria.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Bisola grew up in front of a mirror, admiring herself clad in secret borrowings from the wardrobes of her fashionable mum. Early on she acquired a love of heels, and a fashion magazine obsession that soon saw her showing up in school clutching her own interpretations of Christian Lacroix’ designs.

Those creations spawned a band of admirers: schoolmates who were soon demanding – and getting – their own designs. In the years since that early stirring of the Taé seed the brand has come to confidently symbolize the very essence of ‘Taé’ – an independent spirit, and zest for life.

The Taé brand has travelled far beyond home in Nigeria, with clients in Europe and North America. Recognition has come from the British Council; in 2007 Taé was awarded the British Council International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year Prize.