• Kesandu Earrings

Kesandu Earrings

$ 174.00 USD

Kesandu meaning 'spreads life to all' in the Igbo language is inspired by a combination of the interpreted female being and the symbol for "Woman" in ancient Nsibidi (a system of symbols indigenous to what is now southeastern Nigeria, dating back to approximately 2000 BCE). The Earring design is a reminder that while as women we can be soft (represented by the smooth arch) we can also be hard (represented by the upper rectangular prism) 
  • Handcrafted silver earrings 
  • Please note that due to the handcrafted nature involved in the earring production, no two earrings will ever be identical and may have small marks or abrasions on the surface which arise before and after the earring is created. 
  • Made to order, please allow 10-14 working days for production not including postage time 
  • Lightweight 925 Sterling Silver sourced from Northern Nigeria  
  • Clean with a soft, lint-free cloth
  •  Made in Nigeria

Designer Heritage Story

Shekudo, originally the brainchild of childhood friends Amy (Akudo) Iheakanwa and Shetu Bimpong was birthed out of Akudo’s living room in Sydney, Australia. Drawing on their heritage, life experiences and love of the design process, the pair aimed to to deliver original, timeless and meaningful garments.

Now under the sole creative direction of Akudo, the brand moved its base 8666 miles across the Indian Ocean to commence production in Lagos Nigeria in the hope of shedding more light on the local craftsmanship while integrating some of the age old techniques and overlooked local resources into its own contemporary aesthetic.

The brand intends to establish a global Shekudo sisterhood promoting a sense of caring, empowerment and celebration among women across the globe as well as allowing its wearers to push boundaries, stand out and know that their Shekudo item is responsibly made with traceable origins.

The SheKudo brand prides itself on being a socially responsible label as well as an advocate for slow fashion and women’s empowerment.