These ladies are painting the town red!
We’ve been noticing a lot of reds in the fashion scene lately. Easily the feistiest color in the primary color palette, you can’t help being noticed when wearing red. This totally bold,enhancing hue represents the fiercest of emotions - love, passion, anger - but you must know that like every other color, red isn’t a one-shade-fits-all. There are various shades of red - crimson, cherry, ox-blood, tomato, merlot, ruby, scarlet, sangria - and you need to find the shade that works for your skin tone.
After you’ve discovered what shades work best for you, you then need to know how to wear the color. We absolutely love the monochrome trend as seen on Stephanie Coker, Sai Sankoh and Shiona Turini. If the head-to-toe look isn’t for you, you can tone down your bold red pieces with white and black stripes like Ini Dima-Okojie or even polka dots. We also really love how Ozinna combined the primary colors - soft blue denim, not-so-mellow-yellow and that gorgeous shade of red which suits her perfectly.
Remember, whatever you want to do with your red ensembles, just make sure the shades are right for you. Now, go forth and be the sassy dancing lady emoji!
Shiona Turini
Stephanie Coker
OG Okonkwo
Sai Sankoh
Ini Dima-Okojie
Organza Cross-Back Top
Red Sheer Maxi Dress
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